Thomas Field is a composer of music for film, series and audio drama.

Having graduated with a 1st in Creative Music Technology from The University of Hull, Thomas continues to enjoy working collaboratively with filmmakers and musicians on varying projects in varying musical styles, often fusing multiple genres and using material from acoustic, electronic and experimental sound sources.

Thomas regularly collaborates with Australian filmmakers Nathaniel Kelly and Thomas Midena, having worked with them on numerous short films, a web series and the feature film, We're Family Now.


"Thomas has been a dream to work with across many projects. He assumes a holistic approach to composing for film; taking interest in the story, characters and ideas, thereby imbuing his music with authenticity.

As such, Thomas is not just a great composer, but also a great filmmaker and a brilliant storyteller. Thomas has demonstrated his skill across a range of styles and formats, and to say that he elevates every project he works on would be a profound understatement.

On top of all that, Thomas is an efficient and dedicated creator who always delivers on time."

Thomas Midena, director of Dark Utopia, You Do You.

"It’s always a pleasure working with Thomas! His propensity to be creative, efficient and adaptable is extremely helpful, as each production we work on is vastly different.

I also find myself reaching out to Thomas for his creative opinion on things other than music, due to his excellent understanding of how each creative element works together in order to tell a story.

Thomas is incredibly disciplined, something that is a rarity among us creatives, and he is able to hold himself accountable to deadlines. No less than when we first worked together, I find myself astonished at his ability to accomplish such high quality works in the time that he does."

Nathaniel Kelly, director of We're Family Now, Clive.

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